Sew Your Own Advent Calendar

A brand-new craft project for Christmas has arrived: It's time to Sew Your Own Advent Calendar!

Ditch the store bought chocolates with throw-away packaging and spend a cosy winter evening or two making your own fabric calendar to count the days to the holiday season, complete with 24 pockets to add your own favourite daily treat, little gift or festive decoration!

Christmas Bunny Advent Calendar

This Sew-Your-Own Advent Calendar is great for crafters in search of a festive project in the run up to December!


For this festive craft project you will need:

Bunny Rabbit Christmas fabric – available here!

60 cm wooden dowel with 1cm or less diameter

100cm string or ribbon to hang

(Optional) 45cm x 60cm interfacing


Bunny Rabbit Christmas Advent Calendar

Order one metre of fabric here. I recommend prewashing the fabric before you begin sewing.

  1. Cut out the pattern pieces following the grey dashed lines.
  2. Fold each of the pocket row pieces in half lengthways, right sides together, and sew along the long edge to create a long tube. Turn the right way out and press. Repeat this process for the other three rows of pockets.
  3. Position and pin the pocket pieces on the backing image, using the guides to match.
  4. Top stitch the bottom of the pocket strips to the backing image, and top stitch the vertical pockets using the stitching guides.
  5. Fold the tab sections in half at the markers, right sides together, and sew the short edge to make a tube. Turn the right way out and press with the seam and markers at one edge.
  6. Fold the tabs in half and position on the top of the backing piece using the guides, (edges together), stitch the tabs to the backing image and press.
  7. Pin the patterned back piece to the front panel, right sides together with the pockets and tabs sandwiched between. At this point, depending on the thickness of fabric you have chosen to have the design printed on, you may like to add a layer of interfacing to stiffen the calendar. Stitch around the outside, leaving an opening at the top between the tabs. Turn right side out and press.
  8. Tuck in the edges from the hole and top stitch along the top of the calendar to close the hole and reinforce the tabs.
  9. Cut a piece of 1cm dowelling to 60 cm and thread through the hanging tabs and attach ribbon at either end to hang.
  10. Pop a treat in each pocket and get ready for Christmas!

Try making your own advent calendar and order the fabric here!

I love to see how your projects turned out, so remember to share them with me on Instagram!


Sew Your Own Advent Calendar