Sew Your Own Fabric Baby Book

A simple craft tutorial to sew your own woodland animal fabric baby book, with 12 colourful pages and easy to follow diy instructions. This makes a perfect gift for new babies, or a special treat for birthdays.

When my son joined our family last year, one of the many things I was so excited about sharing with him was my love of books! When he was 6 months I splashed out on a bunch of board kids books to read to him, but then disaster struck – 10 teeth arrived within three months an suddenly those board books were delicious chew toys! Forever picking pieces of cardboard out of his mouth, I set aside a selection of the board books aside for story time, and I looked to fabric books – wonderfully flexible, washable, chewable, fabric baby books – which could be safely stored on his accessible bookshelf without me having to hover over him, wondering if I’ll ever be able to read the ending of the Gruffalo again!

A baby holding a handmade fabric book featuring a badger illustration.

I’ve designed a 12 page fabric baby book which is now available to order HERE as a sew-your-own kit! I recommend printing on the Calico Plain Cotton, which has passed EU toy safety certification, so your little one can safely chew to their heart’s content, and padding with some cotton wadding. That’s 12 colourful pages of my woodland animal illustrations, with easy to follow instructions and guides!

The great thing about this sew-your-own baby book if the versatility - You can mix things up a bit by adding a layer of cotton wadding between each page, or make a crinkle page with an old cereal bag sewn inside, or even add ribbon tabs around the edge of the pages!

First order 2 x fat quarters of the fabric here, on Calico Plain Cotton. Prewash the fabric and allow the dry before begining sewing.

  1. Cut out the pieces.
  2. Matching the guides, pin pages A to B, pages C to D, and pages D to E right sides together, and sew around the edges leaving a small gap to turn the pages the right way out.
  3. If you'd like to add any cotton wadding or crinkle pages now is the time, just sew the padding to one side of the pages.
  4. Turn the pages the right way out and press.
  5. Top stitch around the edge of each page, closing the hole.
  6. Stack the pages A/B, C/D, and D/E, (with A being the outside cover and E being the centre page), pin in place along the spine, and sew the centre seam following the stitching guides.
  7. Remove all pins, cut loose threads and press.


Try making your own woodland animal baby book and order the fabric here!

I love to see your creations so remember to share your project on Instagram and tag @ceridwendesign!

 A baby holding a handmade fabric book featuring a fox illustration by Ceridwen Hazelchild.

If you like these woodland animal illustrations, they are also available on lampshades for childrens' rooms!

Badger Lampshade by Ceridwen Hazelchild