Christmas Bunnies Fabric Collection

A cute festive fabric pattern collection for Christmas crafters, featuring bunny rabbits, Christmas Trees and colourful baubles on a bright blues, soft greens and snowy white, perfect for Christmas crafts and handmade gifts.

Available by the fat quarter on a range of cotton, jersey, polycotton, bamboo and linen for all your sewing projects and crafts, designed by Ceridwen Hazelchild and printed to order by Fashion Formula UK.

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Christmas Bunnies

A cute and cheerful pattern of bunny rabbits playing in a field of decorated Christmas trees and baubles, perfect for all your Christmas sewing projects!



Brightly coloured baubles on a field of blue, the perfect complimenting fabric to team up with other patterns in the Christmas Bunny Collection, to use as edging of cuffs.


Bunnies and Polkas

A fun pattern of brown rabbits with red, yellow and blue polka dots on a white background.


Christmas Trees

Delicate fir trees on a soft green background, a subtle nod to the festivity of the bolder prints in this collection, and perfect for trimms and cuffs.


Blue Bunnies and Polka Dots

A fun yet sophisticated pattern of pale blue rabbits and baubles on a blue background,.

Available from Spoonflower - Click here to order.


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