Pumpkin Spice Fabric Collection

A quirky autumnal fabric pattern collection for pumpkin spice lovers, featuring pumpkins, cloves and star anise on a mossy greens, dusty purples and earthy tones. 

Available by the fat quarter on a range of cotton, jersey, polycotton, bamboo and linen for all your sewing projects and crafts, designed by Ceridwen Hazelchild and printed to order by Spoonflower.

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Pumpkin Spice on Green

A fun pattern of orange pumpkins, star anise, and cloves amongst autumnal leaves, perfect for pumpkin spice lovers!

Star Anise

A geometric pattern of star anise against an autumnal dusty purple.

Cloves and Star Anise

A flowing pattern of Star Anise and Cloves against a dusty green backdrop.

Pumpkins and Leaves

Autumnal pumpkins and falling leaves blowing in the breeze against a field of green.

Teal Pumpkin Spice

A subtle pattern of pumpkins, leaves, cloves and star anise against a teal backdrop.


Available from Fashion Formula - Click here to order.


Handmade baby leggings made from organic cotton jersery printed with Ceridwen Hazelchild's Pumpkin Spice pattern and Star Anise cuffs.

These baby leggings are made from organic cotton jersey and feature Pumpkin Spice, with Star Anise cuffs.